Meeting Cancellation, March 8, 2010



To: Governing Board Members
From: Bill Havert
Date: 3/2/2010
Re: Cancellation of March meeting

Due to the continued freeze of bond funds, the March 8, 2010 Governing Board meeting will not be held, as there are no acquisition projects requiring Board action. The next scheduled meeting is May 10, 2010.

Assemblyman Nestande is sponsoring a resolution, with Senator Ducheny as the principal co-author, to designate the Roy Wilson Memorial Highway along a section of Highway 74 form the city limits of Palm Desert to approximately 4 miles up the highway into the National Monument. A Committee hearing is set for March 22nd. Separately, the City of Palm Desert is designating the portion of the highway within the city limits, which is controlled by the City rather than Caltrans, as the Roy Wilson Scenic Highway.

The Conservancy is currently assisting the Coachella Valley Conservation Commission (CVCC) with two acquisitions: 160 acres adjacent to the existing Whitewater Floodplain Preserve and 45 acres in the Willow Hole Conservation Area. Both of these acquisitions are scheduled to close escrow at the end of March. Between now and May, staff will continue to pursue acquisitions for the CVCC, coordinate with other agencies on their acquisition projects, and continue preparation of the Reserve Management Unit Plans for the six management units designated by the Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan.

Here’s to a good wildflower season (without a concurrent proliferation of invasive Sahara mustard) and the hope you can all get out to enjoy it.