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Executive Director Job Announcement

The Conservancy is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Executive Director, which will be open June 1, 2024, due to the retirement of the current director.  Attached is the job announcement with information about the position and application instructions. The initial deadline for applications is March 11, 2024, at 12 noon. Exec-Dir Job Announcement

SLAA Report

The State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA),  Government Code sections 13400 -13407, was enacted to reduce the waste of resources and strengthen internal control.  The SLAA requires each state agency to conduct an internal review and prepare a report on the adequacy of its systems of internal control and monitoring practices every two years, and then make it available for public review.  HERE is the Conservancy’s most recent report from December 2021.  The next report will be available in December 2023.



73-710 Fred Waring Dr., Suite 120

Palm Desert, CA 92260

Notice of Intent

to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration for
the Four New Coachella Valley Trails Project

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy intends to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the Four New Coachella Valley Trails Project (Project). The MND has been approved for public review by the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy.

PROJECT TITLE: Four New Coachella Valley Trails Project

LOCATION: Located within the Coachella Valley in Riverside County, California, the four proposed recreational trails are on land owned by various public or nonprofit entities:

  • The West Deception Canyon Trail is located on the northern edge of the unincorporated com­munity of Sky Valley, north of I-10, and in the vicinity of the boundary of the Joshua Tree National Monument (JTNP);
  • The Biskra Palms Trail, located near the middle of Coachella Valley, is north of the Indio City limits and on the southern slopes of the Indio Hills;
  • The Chuckwalla-Overlook Connector Trail is located on the eastern boundary of the City of Rancho Mirage and on the lower slopes of the Santa Rosa Mountains; and
  • The Cathedral Cove Connector Trail is located on the western boundary of the Cathedral Cove within the City of Cathedral Cove.

APPLICANT: Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy

Jim R. Karpiak, Executive Director

73-710 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 112

Palm Desert, California 92260

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Project consists of designating four new recreational trails in Coachella Valley for pedestrian use, as well as other non-motorized uses such as equestrian, dog walking, or mountain biking where these other uses are allowed under local ordinance or landowner regulations. Each trailhead would have a visitor information sign on the edge of the parking area that would provide a map of the designated trail, applicable regulations, contact information, and information about sensitive resources in the area. No paved parking areas or trails are proposed, and no fencing would be installed around parking or trailhead areas. Trail markers and related signs would be installed, as necessary, to facilitate public use of the area and reduce resource impacts. Trail construction would be minimal as these trails use existing roads or social trails as their base and would be completed by a trail crew utilizing hand tools and low-impact trail construction and maintenance methods/equipment. Project development is anticipated to be initiated within six months of a finalized environmental review process.

ENVIRONMENTAL DOCUMENT:  Copies are available for review and comment by using these links: Mitigated Negative Declaration  Appendices

REVIEW AND COMMENT PERIOD:  January 11, 2024 – February 12, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.

Any written comments on the MND should be sent to the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy at the address noted above, to the attention of: Jim Karpiak, Executive Director. After the close of the public comment review period on the MND established by this notice, this matter will be set for public hearing before the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy’s Board. Notice of the date, time and place for such public hearing will be published and/or mailed as provided by law. Please take notice that – pursuant to Public Resource Code Section 21177, Government Code Section 65009, and other applicable law – if you challenge the proposed action described above in court, then you may be limited to raising only those issues or objections you or someone else raised during the public comment period or the public hearing, or in written correspondence delivered to the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy within the review period, or to the Board during the public hearing.

CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Jim Karpiak, Executive Director at (760) 776-5026 or