Coachella Valley and Mountains Hiking Trails

An important part of the Conservancy’s mission is enhancing opportunities for the public to enjoy the outdoors and learn about conservation in the spectacularly scenic Coachella Valley.  Throughout its history, the Conservancy has funded and facilitated the development of new trails.

Responsibility for management of trails throughout the Valley is split among the many federal, state and local agencies and nonprofits which own the land that the trails cross.  Along with the Friends of the Desert Mountains, Coachella Valley Conservation Commission, Coachella Valley Desert and Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, the Bureau of Land Management, California State Parks, the Oswit Land Trust and others, the Conservancy works to maintain existing trails and provide accurate information about hiking opportunities.

Details about individual trails is widely available on various websites or apps.   The best overview of list of the many hiking opportunities is available on the website of Visit Greater Palms Springs.